beginning of reflection

i have never really been one for blogs.  as a matter of fact i have always thought them to be a bit narcissistic. what makes any normals person's words important enough that they ever find it necessary to post them on the internet for all to read and then tell others, "hey, i created a blog, you should go check it out and tell me what you think." In other words, this statement translates to, "hey, i just wrote a bunch of stuff about what i think and i really want people to know what it is that rattles around in my head all day long."  so yes, maybe i have been a bit disillusioned by all of this, but i am sure there is some truth in all of this.  but alas, here i have created a blog of my own and have seemingly given in to the narcissistic tendencies of our american culture.

but this time i am choosing to look at it from a different angle.  for three months now i have been a part of a new monastic community and have found it necessary to reflect and play around with the thoughts and experiences that i am in contact with every day.  playing on my creative juices, blogging seemed like the only true option that didn't include staring at a blank, lined page waiting for words to come into my head.  this, at least, allowed me to create a bit as well.  

as my life has gone in a completely different direction than i had ever thought it would go, i am in need of a bit of reflection.  this blog will mostly consist of musings of life, mission, and spiritual things.  as i walk this road of broken expectation and incredible twist, i am excited to see what comes of it.  i am not asking that you take the journey with me, i refuse to do that.  i will write regardless of whether people actually read this.  it is a way to verbalize my thoughts without having to take up anyone else's time.  i hope you will forgive me for it all.