i was first introduced to the concept of the wild call of the holy spirit just over a year ago when i first stepped this community. it was hard to get used to.  jen sometimes writes about the celtics symbol of a goose that represents the wild honking of the holy spirit.  it isn't what we are used to.  a dove...now that's more like it. or is it.  there is a real recklessness to geese. they aren't elegant creatures.  you certainly don't see people letting geese loose at weddings. they are loud and rogue.  and i am beginning to like that picture of the holy spirit.
and i have come to that place in life where i want to be the same.  i realize that at times, the holy spirit is characterized as a dove.  but i think...and reading through the scriptures...when the holy spirit makes himself known it is in more of a rogue, noisy state than in a quiet nonchalant. when the holy spirit first appeared, it caused a ruckus causing the disciples to speak out boldly, proclaiming with recklessness the gospel.  it was that same spirit that caused them to be sent out...with boldness mind you...not in the same sense when they were hiding out in the upper room...to jerusalem...judea...sameria...and to the ends of this world. and it was this same spirit that moved these disciples...these mighty men of God to set aside everything that was comfortable...everything that was socially expected and acceptable...to lay aside the approval of men and join in the wild honking of the holy spirit.
i guess that is kinda how i feel even more today.  you know when there are certain times in your day that act as pivotal points in your day. those times when you can either decide to move forward and continue striving toward what you know is right...what you know is obedient...and what you are called to do even if it is misunderstood and some don't agree with it. or do you revert to what is easy to understand...to the old way of doing things...just to please man...and risk following the call.
i don't know...i guess i'm convinced that i can't revert back to my old self.  i can't revert back to the dove.  while there are still times for the dove...i am convinced that the kingdom of God is build upon the wild and aggressive honking of the goose.  look at the apostles...they were wild and aggressive...and they were filled my the holy spirit in incredible ways.  even more...look at jesus.

after a day like today and an interaction like i had i know that it is real. i choose to be wild...i am moved to be wild...i am called to be wild...and i must obey.

will you?  


Brooke Sellers said...

i'm sorry about this encounter that you had today -- that dreaded voice of "reason" that whispers in your ears of expectations more reasonable and mainstream. I'm glad you're a wild goose. I value that in you - or more accurately, I value the holy spirit's presence in you.

ps: i quit. how's THAT for wild goose?!

chelsmike said...