new blog!

it has been a while since i have blogged last and much of the reason is because ever since returning from south africa i have found myself in a significant transition phase.  God has no less been teaching me things and he is surely taking me through new experiences...

one of which is the fact that michelle and i are now engaged.  with this engagement comes a new blog.  we have created a new blog to keep (people who read this...and friends) up to date on what is going on regarding wedding planning...our life together...and what we are learning.  if you wish to view the new blog, feel free to go to:



i will continue to write on here when i feel that i have something to share...hopefully i will be sharing something very soon. 

by the way...i posted our engagement story and some pictures on the new blog...just for you jen.


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Josh and Kate plus 2 said...

Congrats Brad! What a beautiful night you prepared for your bride. She is certainly blessed!
~Kate (Lighthart) Walker


I notice you don't note here that you read my blog - I stricken! But still love you. Dan