Tonight there was music coming from the garage.  Beautiful music.  And it wasn't simply music coming from Chip and James' radio as they continue to put up foam board or whitewash the walls...but real, joyful and pleasing music.  Songs sung by some fifty or so worshippers as they celebrated the God we serve, the love feast just shared, and life together.  And it provided another picture of what was and what is now and the in-between of hours of prayer and waiting on the Lord and hearing his voice and seeing HIM establish these things here in the small beginning. 

For some reason, the worship tonight was loud.  And while some may say that the acoustics of the garage gave way to a louder sound, I'd like to think that it was more than that...and I really think it was.  I think there was a true joy and amazement of God's provision in that place.  Amazement of the prayers answered over the course of the year.  The giving nature of those who came with food in hand for the love feast.  Excitement for the new faces who came to join us.  Thanksgiving that Marty and Kat (with a capital "K") stayed for worship.  And pure joy when Bill, Debba and Jeff walked into the garage and were greeted by loving people ready to welcome them in and give them their seat and a cup of hot soup and coffee.  And the music played on.  And it will continue to play on.  

I wish I could explain to you the feeling I got when I heard the music coming from the garage and knew, just knew, that our neighbors could hear it.  I know this because Jen, who was reading B a bedtime story heard it and had to come and see.  And so I know that there will come a day when our neighbors will no longer be able to just hear it and wonder...no no...they will need to come and check it out.  And I am praying for that. We are praying for that.

And I know that God answers prayers because tonight there was music coming from the garage.  Beautiful, joyful music that wasn't there even four months ago when it was filled with trash and the house was used for dealing and doing drugs and for prostitution.  

This house has been redeemed, and He is using it as a place for broken lives to be redeemed as well.  And I cant wait...I just can wait to see that prayer continue to be answered.  Because that will be beautiful music as well.

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tony and jenn tendero said...

i love this blog, i love your beautiful words and the perspective you bring to this community.
this is a good discovery. thanks for letting me visit.