tuesdays are one of my favorite days of the week.  they are the days that i feel God's pleasre in a true and deep sense.  tuesdays aren't days that are often talked about.  mondays are the dreaded beginning of the week, wednesdays signify the beginning of the end of the week, and fridays are hailed as the beginning of the weekend.  but tuesdays, tuesdays are often overlooked because of the ho-hum nature of the day.  however, they have now become my favorite day of the week.  

tuesday is the day that i meet with two men who are running hard after Jesus and we talk. laugh. pray. challenge each other. and count points (can divulge).  but is the time that I have learned what accountability is.  it is the time that I have learned what it means to show brotherly love.  and it is the time when i have really learned what it means to build friendships completely on the basis of the love of Christ.  and i love it.  and it moves me.  

but then tuesdays have now become the day that i also play with kids from the neighborhood.  we play tag.  we play spider in the web.  and although i had a thermal on and two other layers, i agree to being the spider over and over and over again.  and it is grand.  the kids laugh, they throw tantrums, but it is in those small, quick teaching moments where a whisper of correction or a quick nudge or a quiet mention that jesus...and i love them, and it has become one of the most anticipated times of my day...and my week.  and i can't wait for these times to continue.  

and perhaps my favorite things about my tuesdays is the meal that takes place at tony and jenn's home.  it is the dinner where all of us get together and talk loud like an italian family (although i don't think any of us are) and eat "land before time food" as chip, my roommate puts it, and talk about what we love the most and what we want to do when we grow up.  we eat well, drink good coffee, indulge in obscure desserts like zucchini cake with brown butter or pumpkin chipotle flan (who knew?) and go deep into one anothers' lives...and i love it.  because it is community.  it is family.  it is the body.  it is, as i picture it, joy.  and i love it.  

there is a certain ambiguity to tuesdays in the general sense.  but when i really look at tuesday, i wouldn't trade them for the world.  tuesdays have seemed to become the highlight, recharge, joyful, and most anticipated time of the week.  for what happens on these days is a deep sense and awareness of God's pleasure as I see him in the friendship, scripture reading, prayer, accountability, encouragement, ministry, tag, whispers, screams, food, discussions, dancing, and family...and i love it.  

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kimberly klaver said...

...and I knew if I dug deeply
I would
and I did
and it's beautiful
and makes me smile
and cry
and thank God for
what He is doing
in you
with you
and for you